The Story of Autism Triplet Twist

Do you have a child with autism or know someone who does? If so, you need to read this book. If you can read this book and apply the lessons learned to your life, life will be calmer and your kids will be happier. This book will give you hope and make some sense of the chaos of living with triplets affected by autism. 

Hello and welcome to the Autism Triplet Twist website. I am the father of triplets and the author of this non-fiction book. Our triplets are fraternal girls. Our story is unique. Our first daughter has autism. Our second daughter is totally normal. Our third daughter has autism. The girls are also unique in that not many girls are born as triplets. Yes, I’m still trying to figure out how that is possible. I have seen stories of parents with all three triplets having autism, but never with the middle child being totally normal. Our story is unique and different. I have been told by friends, family and total strangers that I should write a book for the last fifteen years. This is that book!

Autism Triplet Twist is a group of our most memorable parenting stories related to our triplets. Some stories are serious, some are humorous. The family includes two triplets with autism and the middle child without autism. For a free sample chapter from the Autism Triplet Twist book, click here. Make sure to check out the new author video professionally done by Duane Weed from Buy Local Michigan .